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ABBA representatives actively participating at the GIF2023 meeting
June 12, 2023

Sevdalin Spasov

Sevdalin Spasov


Sevdalin Spasov is the founder and CEO of M Holding.

The holding company was founded in 1996 and includes the following companies MANIA Sustainable Fashion, TEXX TEAM, GREEN TEAM Worldwide Environmental Group, Fashion Brands and others. In Bulgaria, the holding’s activities are best known for Mania stores, and at the moment, there are nearly 50 operating stores in different locations, as well as a recently opened one in Greece.

In 2012 Sevdalin Spasov started operating in the USA by opening GREEN TEAM Worldwide Environmental Group,
a company dealing with the collection and recycling of   unwanted textiles. GREEN TEAM currently operates with 11 bases in 12 US states, as well in Vancouver, Canada.

More than 600 people all over the world are directly involved in the activities of M Holding.

Since 2018, Sevdalin Spasov has held the position of Chairman of the Bulgarian Association of Circular Textiles (BACT)

Why did I become part of ABBA?

Joining ABBA has provided me with the insight that I have gained valuable personal and professional experience that I should pass on to aspiring young entrepreneurs who may need guidance or direction. Over the past nearly 30 years, I have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience from my business ventures on both sides of the ocean. It is time for me to share these insights completely free of charge with anyone who may benefit from them.