Our mission is to help small and medium-sized businesses develop sustainably and successfully in the Bulgarian and American markets by providing them with information, access to business practices, and a professional network of contacts and resources to facilitate their activities.
Our Goals

To be

a responsive, accessible, and helpful organization providing practical solutions for our members.

To create

a working and effective platform for doing business from Bulgaria in the USA and from the USA in Bulgaria.

To share

our experiences with the members of the organization so that they can be more confident and avoid the growth mistakes that small and emerging businesses usually face when “stepping” into new territory.

To promote

understanding and recognition of Euro-Atlantic values ​​and democracy.

To support

our members in their pursuit of success and efficiency in a free market economy.

To provide

our members with access to the latest industry innovations and trends, best business practices, and solutions.

To assist

in creating a more vibrant, dynamic, and sustainable business ecosystem and interaction between the two countries.

To work

to improve the business environment by promoting ethical business practices and respect for the rule of law, especially in Bulgaria.

Who are We?

Eliz Nestorov


Eliz Nestorov is a dynamic and accomplished leader, recognized for her exceptional skills in consulting, business strategy, and communication.

Rumyana Yordanova

Executive Director

As part of the team of one of the leading law firms in our country, Rumyana has provided legal consultations, opinions and advice to Bulgarian and foreign clients on separate aspects of digital, corporate and business law.

Viktor Melamed


Viktor Melamed has extensive professional experience of in local public relations, consulting, communications, and international relations.

Alex Nestor

Member of the Managing Board

Alex Nestor has over 30 years of international experience in public affairs, corporate PR, project management, engineering, construction, fabrication and sales in the mining, metallurgical, petrochemical, and nuclear industries.

Diana Pazaitova

Member of the Managing Board

Diana Pazaitova has over twenty five years of professional experience in multinational environment and is expert in gathering and interpreting political and business information.

Nikolay Cvetanov

Member of the Managing Board

Nikolay Cvetanov is a lawyer.
He is a Managing Partner of “Penkov, Markov and partners” law firm – a leading, top tier, law firm on the Bulgarian market and also an exclusive member for Bulgaria of the leading international association of independent law firms Lex Mundi.

Veselin Dimitrov

Regional Director LA

Veselin Dimitrov excels in organizational skills, delivering exceptional results through effective task management and prioritization. 

Miglena Minkova

Regional Director Florida

She is a visionary with a strong business acumen and personal commitment to the causes she undertakes. That’s why we know that in Miglena, ABBA has a decisive partner who won’t stop until she achieves her goals!