At ABBA we strive to help your business succeed and contribute to its growth. We achieve this thanks to the advantages that our members benefit from and the various services we provide. We organize events and support activities that facilitate the creation of a network of business contacts, partnerships and successful cooperation.
Why become a member?


How can you become a member?

Why become a member of the Association?

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One of the greatest advantages of being a member of ABBA is that you will have access to the many years of experience and practice of the Leadership of the association, developed on both sides of the ocean.
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We provide the opportunity for personal meetings with the president, executive director, or board members, with whom you can share and discuss your specific issues, case studies, business plans and ideas.
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You will receive one-on-one support and access to experienced professionals who have relevant expertise related to your specific business needs.
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Members of the association who wish to start a business in the USA will receive valuable advice related to legislation, tax regulations, and business development opportunities offered by the various U.S. states. Especially valuable and useful is the advice related to the immigration policy of the USA, as well as the ways to obtain an investor status of the company. If necessary, we can connect these companies with experienced lawyers, licensed lobbyists, real estate brokers, and influential people from the Bulgarian diaspora in the US.
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ABBA members who wish to start a business in Bulgaria will be assisted with valuable advice on the steps for opening a company, bank accounts, and legal and financial services. We will also support these organizations with access to reputable attorneys, accounting firms, consulting companies from various business fields, real estate agencies, and other proven professionals with good reputations and expertise. Particularly valuable are the advice and recommendations related to overcoming the administrative burden in Bulgaria and the interaction with state institutions and officials.
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As a member of the Association, you will have access to resources and a wide range of valuable contacts from both sides of the ocean to help you successfully develop your business and achieve your goals.

How can you become a member?

Step 1

Read our mission and goals

Step 2

If you share our understanding and want to do business in the US and Bulgaria, fill in the Membership Application and send it to us by email or via the online form below.

Step 3

We will contact you swiftly upon the revision of your application

Membership Options

The following is the cost of the annual membership:

Individual membership

An individual member is an individual who shares the values, goals, understandings, and ethical principles of the American-Bulgarian Business Association.

200 BGN

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other non-profit organizations

An organization or individual that represents a non-profit organization, such as business associations, industry chambers, trade associations, foreign chambers, etc.

300 BGN

Corporate membership for
start-ups and micro enterprises

Companies that are defined as micro-enterprises according to the annual revenues from the activity and the number of employees, according to the applicable Bulgarian legislation.

500 BGN

Corporate membership for
small and medium enterprises

Small and medium-sized enterprises according to the annual income from the activity and the number of employees, according to the applicable Bulgarian legislation.

1000 BGN

Exclusive membership

This specific membership enables companies/other legal entities to foster a long-term partnership with ABBA and to benefit from specific services, support, and influence among the American-Bulgarian community and government institutions. Specific options are negotiated individually with the respective company.

2000 BGN


This type of membership represents a strategic partnership with the Association, in which the two organizations are committed to the implementation of various joint initiatives, projects, events, and others. Support for ABBA’s brand and reputation, as well as visibility in communication channels and activities, is provided. The partnership should be based on shared values, integrity, and social responsibility.

10 000 BGN

Download Membership Application form

Download the Application form, fill the request and send it by email.

Online Membership Application

Fill out the form by following the steps.